Common (and uncommon) Questions and Answers regarding 3D Ultrasounds

Brought to you by First Peek Ultrasound, a 3D/4D ultrasound studio, located in Oak Park, Illinois,
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What is a 3D ultrasound?

3D ultrasounds use sound waves at a pitch much higher than what you or your baby can hear (think of a dog whistle). These are the same ultrasound waves used by your doctor in your doctor's office. These sound waves echo back and the ultrasound machine hears these echoes. In the same way that bats and dolphins can "see" their environment in the dark by sensing these echoes, the ultrasound machine uses this echolocation to see your baby as well. A 3D ultrasound machine sends these ultrasound waves at different angles and then analyzes the echoes to form a 3D image.

What is the difference between 3D and 4D ultrasounds?

A 4D ultrasound is simply a movie or video clip of your baby in 3D, where the fourth dimension is time. You can see your baby in 3D moving over time, and this movie and your entire ultrasound session can be saved on your DVD. At First Peek Ultrasound, we provide the opportunity to see your baby in 4D and have it saved onto a DVD with the Complete Package and Premium Package.

Can we hear or feel ultrasounds?

Neither you nor your baby will hear the ultrasound waves. These sound waves have a minimal effect. Prolonged and intense ultrasound waves have been used (in other medical fields) for therapeutic reasons (they can produce a slight warmth which can direct certain elements of our immune system or can direct chemotherapy drugs to a certain location in the body), but these therapeutic ultrasound waves are not capable of being produced by our ultrasound machines. The strength (or loudness) of the ultrasound waves from our 3D ultrasound machine is closely regulated by the FDA, and our 3D ultrasound machine meets these regulations.

Is getting an elective (non-medical) ultrasound safe for my baby?

Getting an ultrasound has traditionally been regarded as a medical procedure and so physicians have been traditionally instructed to weigh the unknown risks with the benefits. Since July, 1955, when ultrasounds were first used in pregnant women, and over the last 30 years of widespread almost universal use of ultrasounds, there has not been a single known case of a miscarriage or abnormality attributed to the use of ultrasounds. Its safety profile has been proven over the decades.

Note: Women undergoing in vitro fertilization have to receive an obstetric ultrasound every week, and even in these cases, there has been no report of any harm or risk to the baby or mother.

What are the benefits of receiving a 3D ultrasound other than being able to see my baby and being able to show my friends and family?

Bonding with your baby during pregnancy has an immense benefit, and elective (non-medical) 3D ultrasounds have been shown to improve bonding between mother and child and also between father and child. Women who have received a 3D ultrasound are motivated to have healthy behavior during pregnancy, such as taking prenatal vitamins, and are more likely to breastfeed after the birth of their child. They are more likely to quit smoking and avoid alcoholic beverages after receiving a 3D ultrasound of their baby. So there are many indirect and unmeasurable benefits to having a 3D ultrasound of your baby.

Do I need to bring anything with me to my 3D ultrasound appointment?

No. Just bring yourself and any friends or family members you want to come with you.

When is the best time to get a 3D ultrasound?

In our experience, the ideal time to get the best images on 3D ultrasound is between 24 and 30 weeks. The gender can be checked as early as 15 weeks. And we allow customers to come up to 35 weeks. However, please note that after 32 weeks, the baby may have already begun his or her descent to the outside world, and in that case, images may not be obtainable at all.

How can I get good images of my baby on my 3D ultrasound?

Make sure to drink the recommended daily intake of water in the 1-2 weeks leading up to your appointment (six 8-oz glasses a day). This will help make sure that there is enough fluid around the baby and that the amniotic fluid is clear.

Also, be sure to gain the appropriate amount of weight duing your pregnancy, since the less amount of fat tissue that the ultrasound waves have to go through, the clearer the images will be. The appropriate amount of weight gain is estimated to be about 1 pound a week if you are of average weight (28 to 35 pounds during your entire pregnancy), and about 0.5 pounds a week if you are overweight (15 to 25 pounds during your entire pregnancy), and about 0 pounds a week if you are obese, with a BMI greater than 30 (11 to 20 pounds during your entire pregnancy).

Do I have to drink a lot of water and not urinate before my ultrasound? Can I go to the bathroom before my ultrasound?

You do not need to have a full bladder for our 3D ultrasounds. Our technicians have been trained to get the best pictures of your baby regardless of whether you have just gone to the bathroom or not. So do not worry about holding your urine.

However, it can happen that your baby can temporarily shift its position so that it is facing down due to the act of going to the bathroom itself. Because of this, if you are about to go to the bathroom immediately before your 3D ultrasound, the ultrasound technician may ask you to hold off until after first attempting to view your baby.

I am overweight. Is there anything I can do to help get better 3D ultrasound pictures?

We recommend heavier-set women to come in between 28 and 30 weeks for their 3D ultrasound appointment in order to get the best pictures. We also set aside extra time for our plus-size customers so that we can have enough time for the appointment.

My 3D ultrasound pictures did not come out clear. Can I come back and try again?

If you are not satisfied with your pictures, you are welcome to come back again. To help cover our costs and to keep our prices low, we request a $30 nominal fee for return visits. One return visit is free with the Premium Package.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept payment by cash or credit card. For credit cards, we accept Visa, Mastercard, and Discover. We do not accept American Express. You can also purchase our gift certificates online using PayPal through our online scheduling system. The gift certificate will be emailed or mailed to you, based on your preference.

What if I only have American Express?

We do not accept American Express. If the only credit card you have is American Express, we recommend that you get another form of credit card, since most small businesses and family-owned businesses in the United States do not accept American Express, due to their high transaction fees, shoddy payment turn-around time, and the fact that everyone who has an American Express card has some other form of credit card as well. Also, American Express is geared towards wealthy clientele and their marketing approach to businesses is that by accepting American Express, your clientele will be wealthier ($$$). This results in the business needing to increase prices in order to afford their high transaction fees, resulting in a vicious downward spiral where only the wealthiest people, with American Express cards in hand, can now afford your services. This would go against our primary mission of making 3D ultrasounds affordable and available to everyone, which was the reason we started this business in the first place. This is why when we are offered an American Express card, we politely say, "Do you have anything else?" In fact, at First Peek Ultrasound, we believe that the motto of American Express should not be "American Express... Don't leave home without it." It should be "American Express... Do you have anything else?"

That being said, if the only credit card you have is American Express, you can get around this by purchasing a gift certificate online for the 3D ultrasound package you want using our online scheduling system and purchasing a gift certificate via PayPal.

Why do you not accept checks?

When we used to accepted checks the first few months we were open, every single check we received was fraudulent! These were not accounts that were overdrafted, but actually accounts that were closed and cancelled years beforehand or fake checks altogether. In most of these cases, our phone calls to these customers were not returned and in the cases where they would pick up, they would hang up on us. Rather than hire a collection agency to go after these pregnant women or request the attorney general of Illinois to prosecute them, which we could legally do, we just decided to join the growing number of businesses in the United States that no longer accept checks. After all, we are in the business of helping pregnant women enjoy, celebrate, and commemorate their pregnancy, not collecting on and prosecuting pregnant women. In any case, every bank account in the United States that issues checks will also issue a debit card, so it is impossible that someone has a check and does not at least also have a debit card.

Do you have gift certificates available?

Yes. A gift certificate for a 3D ultrasound makes the perfect gift for a baby shower, for your best friend or sister, or that special gift for your wife for getting through the pregnancy so far. It can also make a good baby mama gift. Some fathers now give a gift to the mother to commemorate the birth of the baby or out of appreciation for the hard work of "pushing the baby out." These gifts, sometimes called a baby bauble or push present are a great idea. However, with the same thought and consideration, she may appreciate a gift of a 3D ultrasound earlier on as an excellent way to help motivate her through the rest of the pregnancy.

Will I have to pay sales tax in addition to the prices listed?

No, we do not charge sales tax for any of our 3D ultrasound packages. First Peek Ultrasound has worked in consultation with the Illinois Department of Revenue to ensure that you do not have to pay for taxes that are not required by law.

A sales tax of 9.5% is added to any product that is purchased from our ultrasound studio, such as frames, belly casting kits, or baby clothing, as required by state law. This sales tax is not applied to any 3D ultrasound service or add-on - the price you see when you schedule online is the price that you will pay.

Are there any hidden fees? What is the actual price of these packages?

There are no hidden fees. The price that you see on our website is the price that you pay when you arrive at our facility.

Parking is also free in the parking lot in front of our facility.

I just purchased a gift certificate online using the scheduling system and paid for it using PayPal. What do I do now?

When you purchase a gift certificate online using the scheduling system, you can select whether you want it to be emailed to you (the sender) or to the person you are sending it to (the recipient) or mailed to you or to her. If you select the gift certificate to be emailed, it will be emailed to you or to the recipient instantly. Please make sure to enter in the email address correctly. If you did not enter in the correct email address, you will have to call us during business hours for us to send you another gift certificate by email. If you selected the gift certificate to be mailed to you, we will mail out the gift certificate on the next business day. Since the gift certificate and payment is registered with us, you can still "use" the gift certificate before actually receiving it. Purchase a gift certicate online here.

I just bought a 3D ultrasound package using Google Checkout. What do I do now?

You can now purchase a 3D ultrasound online using Google Checkout from each of the pages which describe each 3D ultrasound package. If you purchased a 3D ultrasound package using Google Checkout, a gift certificate for that package will be emailed out to you to the email address provided. Gift certificates will not be emailed out instantly, as is the case with our online scheduling system, but will be emailed out to you as soon as we check our email, which is usually within the same day. If you need it sooner, you can call us and we can process it sooner. If you would like to use the online scheduling system instead to purchase your gift certificate, click on the following link: Purchase 3D ultrasound gift certificates online

I want to know if I am having a boy or a girl now! What is the earliest time I can come in to get a gender check?

You can come in to First Peek Ultrasound to have the gender of your baby checked as early as 15 weeks.

What if I get the Gender Check Package and you can not determine if my baby is a boy or a girl?

If we can not determine the sex of the baby, you may return again for no additional charge until we can find out the sex of the baby. This is our Gender Check Guarantee.

I want to know the sex of the baby. Can I still find out the sex of the baby with the packages other than the Gender Check?

Yes. You can have your baby's gender checked in any of the packages. Many women who sign up just to find out the sex of the baby end up wanting to upgrade to a higher package. If for any reason we are unable to determine the gender of the baby with any of the higher packages, you may still return for free for a gender check package so that we can tell you the sex of the baby.

Is it really more accurate to check the gender of the baby using 3D ultrasound?

For checking the gender, 2D ultrasound is more accurate. However, at First Peek Ultrasound, we know that you are curious to see what your baby looks like, and so you can see your baby in 3D with our gender check package. We also provide one color thermal printout, which may be in 2D or 3D, depending on whether we can obtain 3D images or not.

I was told to return because the ultrasound technician could not see the baby's gender. Can I come back whenever I want when you're open?

As of this time, you still must make another appointment through our website or call to make an appointment. If you can not find an open time soon enough, call our phone number and we will do our best to accommodate you. Return visits for seeing your baby's gender are free.

The free return gender check must be scheduled within one month, unless there are exceptional circumstances.

I am scheduled to get a 3D ultrasound at your facility. But I don't want to know the sex of the baby. Can I still come and get a 3D ultrasound?

Of course. We will respect your wish not to know the sex of your baby. Just be sure to inform your ultrasound technician before beginning the procedure.

I kind of want to know the sex of the baby but not really. No, actually, I don't want to know. Not yet, anyway. Can I change my mind?

Yes. We offer a service where we will not tell you the sex of the baby, but we can keep the gender on file, and if you want to know later, you can simply call us and ask us. We also offer a service where we will mail you a letter with the results so that you can open it when you are ready or when you are with your loved ones. Both of these services are unique to First Peek Ultrasound and to our knowledge are not offered anywhere else in the Chicagoland area.

I got an ultrasound at my ob/gyn office, and she said it was a girl. Is there a chance that this is wrong? How accurate is an ultrasound in determining the gender of the baby?

Generally, 2D ultrasounds are considered to have a 94% accuracy in determining the gender of the baby, although the actual accuracy could be higher because many women have more than one ultrasound. If you have a low-risk normal pregnancy and you are only allowed to have one ultrasound from your ob/gyn, then you will know the feeling of having those doubts as to whether that one ultrasound really was accurate. Getting a 3D ultrasound is an excellent way of getting a second opinion as to whether you are having a boy or a girl. Get a quick gender check using 3D ultrasound from First Peek Ultrasound before you decide to buy your baby clothes or paint your baby's bedroom blue or pink.

Please note that even our combined 2D and 3D ultrasound service used for our gender checks may not be 100% accurate. Our guarantee is that if we are not able to determine the sex of the baby at all, then you can come back for free until we do.

Come on! Can you really see the gender at 15 weeks?
Determining the gender at 15 weeks is difficult, but it is sometimes possible. Because our gender check sessions are focused exclusively on determining the gender, unlike your medical visits at the doctor's office, we can determine the gender at 15 weeks most of the time, but we do also have to request many customers to come back for another free session. If you are traveling from far or it is otherwise difficult for you to come in for repeat visits, we recommend you come in for your first visit at 17 weeks. However, we offer this service as early as 15 weeks as a service for those of you who absolutely want to know if it's a boy or a girl as soon as possible.

What is the maximum number of times I can come in if you can not determine the gender?

There is no limit to the number of times you can come in for free to determine the gender. Of course, we hope to determine the gender within one to two visits, and three visits are rarely needed. If, in rare circumstances, we can not determine the gender even after 3 visits, we will give you the option of continuing to return again for free or issuing you a refund for the gender check.

Can I bring my own music for the background music on the DVD that is offered?

Yes. You can bring your own music on a CD or on an MP3 player or iPod, and we can incorporate it into the DVD of your session. Due to copyright restrictions, we can not provide special requests for music for your DVD.

Do I have to bring in my own CD or DVD?

No. We provide all materials, including the CD and DVD.

What type of DVD do you use? Will it work on my DVD player?

We use DVD-R: The most universal of recordable DVD formats. DVD-R is a write-once format and can be played in most current DVD players. DVD-R discs need to be finalized at the conclusion of the recording process before they can be played in any other DVD player. It is possible that you may have a DVD player that does not play DVD-R formats just as you may have a DVD player that does not play DVD+R formats, but most of the newer DVD players play both types.

Many people report that DVD's that are recorded on a DVD recorder do not play on an XBox, and some people report that it depends on the brand. In our experience, the DVD's we provide generally do not work on an XBox when customers have tried it, but they generally do work on any computer or DVD player.

What if my DVD does not work when I bring it home?

We check all the DVDs at the end of each session. However, it is still possible that your DVD may not work once you bring it home. This can be due to the DVD being defective (allowing it to play only once or twice and then stop working) or being damaged on the way home, or it may be due to the format of the DVD itself.

If your DVD does not work on your DVD player, check to see if your DVD player can play DVD-R formats. Also, check the DVD on another DVD player or on your computer. If the DVD does not work in any setting, your DVD may be defective. This happens 0.1%-0.3% of the time. Fortunately, we keep a backup video copy of your 3D ultrasound session precisely for this reason. We keep a copy up to 14 days. Simply give us a call within 14 days and mail in your DVD, and we will provide you with another DVD copy at no charge.

If your DVD works on your laptop computer but does not work in any DVD player, it may be due to the format of the DVD and the fact that your DVD player does not read DVD-R formats. However, it is also possible that your DVD may be partially damaged or may not have been finalized or completely finalized. Please call us within 14 days and mail in your DVD, and we will provide you with another DVD copy at no charge. In many cases, this new DVD will work on your other DVD players.

What is the cost of your Baby Heartbeat Teddy Bear

The Baby Heartbeat Teddy Bear is $25. We also offer a larger teddy bear for $35.

How big are your teddy bears?

Our teddy bears are 8 inches. We have found that this is the ideal size for holding and squeezing to hear your baby's heartbeat. We also offer a larger 15-inch teddy bear.

Do you have a variety of teddy bears to choose from?

Yes, we offer over 30 different types of teddy bears and other stuffed animals to choose from, including blue teddy bears for baby boys and pink teddy bears for baby girls.

What if I want to bring in my own teddy bear? Can I get the heartbeat recorded in another teddy bear for a discount?

You may get your baby's heartbeat recorded into a voice recorder for $10.

What is the sales tax on the teddy bears?

We do not charge sales tax on the teddy bears. We have consulted with the Illinois Department of Revenue in order to minimize any unnecessary fees and taxes for our services. Because the cost of our baby heartbeat teddy bear is a cost on the service provided, we do not need to charge sales tax on this service. The teddy bear is considered to be a receptacle for storing and recording the service and is incidental to the service provided, in much the same way that we do not need to charge sales tax on the CD and DVD recordings of the ultrasound sessions.

After playing the heartbeat on the teddy bear a few hundred times, the battery ran out. How can I get another battery for my teddy bear?

The batteries used are regular watch batteries, which you can get at a battery store, such as Batteries Plus or Radio Shack.

I was looking forward to a beautiful face shot of my baby in 3D ultrasound, but my baby's hands were always in front of his face. Can I come back?

Babies often have their hands in front of their face, sucking their thumbs, covering themselves, etc. These pictures can still be very cute and can even provide a better glimpse into their personalities. You will be surprised at how much you will treasure the natural, spontaneous pictures of your baby in his or her most comfortable position over a contrived or manipulated picture as time goes by. You may even see your newborn baby holding his hands in the same way whenever he or she is happy or excited. During your session, we try to get the best angle and can do some limited techniques to encourage the baby to move. Your satisfaction is the utmost importance to us, and it makes us look good if you have the best “ideal” pictures to show your family and friends. If you would still prefer to get a better picture of your baby's face and you were unable to during your session, you may return again within two weeks for just $30. For the Premium Package, there is no charge for return visits to get pictures within 2 weeks if you are unable to get pictures of your baby the first time. And, of course, you are welcome to return again when you are further along in your pregnancy for another session for 10% off.

What is the maximum number of times that I can come to get a 3D ultrasound? Can I come everyday?

Although there has been no known risks or harm to ultrasound, we understand that so far there is only experience with ultrasound technology being used on women on a monthly or weekly basis. Because of the unknown risk that may occur with very frequent ultrasounds (either due to the ultrasound technology or more likely due to the frequent manipulation of the belly), we have to put a limit on the maximum frequency that you may receive a 3D ultrasound. Currently, the FDA does not set a limit or maximum frequency as to the number of ultrasounds a pregnant woman may receive. At First Peek Ultrasound, we always ensure that our services are safe, are not harmful to either the mother or the baby, and are always within FDA guidelines. At First Peek Ultrasound, we do set a limit of the frequency of visits. This will be on a case by case basis.

Do you offer any combination package?

Yes, we offer a special Get Everything Package. For $349, you can get one of each of our 3D ultrasound packages. This will allow you to follow your baby's development over time from 15 weeks to 32 weeks, and you will have more time to see your baby in full 3D view as he or she grows and develops inside you.

We recommend this package to pregnant women who are under 20 weeks in their pregnancy to allow for sufficient time to get at least three to four visits, as there are no refunds even if you do not get to come for the full number of visits.

Do I need an appointment?

You can get an appointment for a 3D ultrasound at First Peek Ultrasound any day of the week. Same-day appointments are usually available. Simply call us and request an appointment. If you wish to schedule an appointment at a time other than what is available online, then simply call us and we will do everything possible to accommodate you.

How easy is it to schedule online?

It is very easy to schedule online. Simply click the Schedule Online button on any page of our website, select the package you want (and any add-ons), then select the date and time that you want. Then just follow the directions and enter in all the required information. Credit card information is not requested prior to your 3D ultrasound appointment. However, we do request that you call or email us if you are unable to make your appointment for any reason, so that other pregnant women can have access to this appointment time.

If you have any trouble at all or if you prefer to schedule your appointment by telephone, do not hesitate to call us at 708-870-0808.

If you do not find the appointment time you need, then call us at 708-870-0808 and we still may be able to accommodate you.

I can not find the appointment time I want. Can you still accommodate me?

Usually we can. Call our phone number and we will work with our ultrasound technicians to make sure that you can be seen.

Are same day appointments available? I can't seem to be able to schedule an appointment for today.

We usually have availability for the same day that you call, although we sometimes have to coordinate the appointment with you and the ultrasound technician. Please call us at 708-870-0808 to see if we can still schedule you in for today.

Do you offer any 3D ultrasound services on Sunday?

Yes, we do. Our 3D ultrasound facility is open 8am to 5pm on Sunday.

What is your cancellation policy?

If you can not make it to your appointment, please call us as soon as possible to cancel your appointment so that others can use your appointment time. Also, by cancelling your appointment in advance, rather than simply not showing up, you help keep our prices low for everyone.

Please note that we have not raised the price of our 3D ultrasound packages in over 1 year mainly due to the trust and cooperation of our customers in arriving on time to their appointment and calling beforehand to cancel their appointment.

How can I cancel my appointment?

It's easy to cancel your appointment.

By phone: Simply call us at 708-870-0808 to cancel your appointment. If you are calling outside of business hours or we are on the other line, you can leave us a voicemail.

By email: You can also send us a quick email to cancel your appointment at firstpeek@oakparkultrasound.com

By text: If you signed up to get a reminder text message before your appointment and you realize at the time you receive your text that you can not make your appointment, simply text us back with the word "cancel" and we will cancel your appointment.

Also, you can text us at 708-870-0808 at any time to cancel your appointment. Be sure to include your name and the day and time of your appointment.

Online: It's easy to cancel your appointment online. Simply return to the online scheduling system by clicking on the Schedule Online link on the homepage. If you are not already logged in, log in using the email address you provided. Find the appointment time you want to cancel listed below and click on Cancel Appointment near that appointment time.

Do I have to give a reason when I cancel my appointment?

Although you will be asked for a reason when you cancel your appointment online, you do not have to provide us with a reason. However, providing us with a reason helps us tailor our business to help better suit our customers. For example, after getting a few customers who stated that their reason for cancelling their appointment was due to simply forgetting about their appointment, we set up optional text message alerts that our customers can sign up for.

How do I log in to see or change my appointment?

You can log in to to see or change or cancel your appointment by clicking on the Schedule Online link on any page of our website. Just enter the email address you provided into the login field in the upper right hand corner of the page within the online scheduling system. You will then see a list of your past and present scheduled appointments below.

You will not be able to log in if you did not provide us with an email address. You can call us and give us an email address, and we can then enter it into the system, and you will then be able to log in using that email address.

You can always simply call us or email us if you wish to change your appointment to another day or time, and we can do this for you.

How long will my 3D ultrasound appointment take?

Although your ultrasound will be about 15 or 30 minutes, depending on your package, the total time will be a little bit longer to account for the time spent in printing. It may take some time to find your baby and get set up in the room. The gender check takes about 15 minutes. The First Peek Package generally takes about 20 minutes total. The Complete Package takes about 45 minutes total, and the Premium Package takes 45 minutes to an hour. However, please allow for up to 30 minutes for the gender check and up to 1 hour for all other packages. At First Peek Ultrasound, we make sure that you will not be rushed through your appointment, so we have allotted sufficient time for each appointment. We also try hard to make sure that you do not have to wait for your appointment. However, in order to ensure the best experience for everyone, it is possible that you may have to wait 10 to 15 minutes for your appointment if the customer before you needs extra time, though this should be a rare occurrence.

What if I'm late?

We encourage all our customers to arrive 10 minutes early for their appointment to allow for extra time to fill out forms and to take into account traffic. Please do not be late for your appointment, as this can interfere with the positive experiences of other customers who are scheduled after you. In order to ensure an excellent experience for everyone, we reserve the right to reschedule your appointment if you appear more than 15 minutes late. We will try to reschedule your appointment for a later time in the same day, but in some cases, we may not be able to see you that same day. We encourage you to arrive 10 minutes early for your appointment, especially if you are traveling from far and can not afford to have your appointment rescheduled.

How do I get to First Peek Ultrasound?

Directions to First Peek Ultrasound can be located on our Location page. You can read the directions on the bottom of the page or enter in your address into the imbedded Google Maps program on the website to get personalized directions.

We are located on the southeast corner of Harlem & North, between the Dunkin Donuts and the American Mattress store.

How long will it take to get to First Peek Ultrasound?

This depends on where you're coming from. It takes about 15 minutes to get here from downtown Chicago. Because we are centrally located within the Chicagoland area, it takes about a 30 to 45 minutes to get here from most places within Chicago and the Chicago suburbs. Please allow a few minutes extra for parking and allow for 10-15 minutes extra due to construction along I-290.

Where do I park?

Parking is located in the parking lot directly in front of our facility.

How much do I have to pay for parking here in Oak Park?

Parking is free.

I am handicapped. Where is the best handicapped parking spot outside First Peek Ultrasound?

There is a handicapped parking spot right in front of our front door.

Will you be able to tell if there is anything wrong with my baby during my 3D ultrasound session?

Our ultrasound technicians do not perform medical diagnostic work at our facility. Although we have a medical director, the medical director does not review the ultrasounds and does not medically evaluate the customers in any way. No medical diagnosis or evaluation takes place. This service is purely for family bonding and enjoyment. We only see the outside of the baby, and so this ultrasound can not take the place of your medical ultrasound performed by your ob/gyn physician. If there is something obvious or concerning, then we will of course inform you and contact your ob/gyn physician. We may contact your ob/gyn physician first, if we are unsure about something that we are seeing and in order to coordinate your medical care in the best possible way. If we do not notice anything wrong, this does not medically clear you in any way and you would still need to have regular prenatal visits and you would still need to take prenatal vitamins. If for any reason, the ultrasound technician does notice something unusual or concerning, this also does not mean that there is definitely anything wrong, as most unusual things noticed on ultrasound end up being normal and not harmful.

Do I need a prescription for my 3D ultrasound?

Our 3D ultrasounds are not medical procedures. This is simply a chance for you to see your baby before her or she is born. You do not need a medical prescription, doctor's note, or doctor's referral to get this service.

Will insurance cover my 3D ultrasound?

Because 3D ultrasounds provided by First Peek Ultrasound are not medical procedures and are not medically necessary, medical insurance does not pay for this service. If you have money set aside from your paycheck for medical-related expenses not covered by insurance which is untaxed, such as a Flexible Spending Account (FSA) or Health Spending Account (HSA), you may be able to be reimbursed from that fund for your 3D ultrasound, depending on the discretion of your employer. Please check with your employer. However, please note that 3D ultrasounds are generally not covered by FSA, according to the FSA criteria.

What are your requirements for getting a 3D ultrasound? Do I need a doctor's referral or anything like that?

No, you do not need a doctor's referral, a doctor's note, or any special form. The only requirement that we have is that you are pregnant and that you have an ob/gyn physician that you are getting prenatal care from.

What kind of ultrasound machine do you use?

We use the GE Voluson 730. GE perfected 3D technology when they bought the technology from Medison after Medison went bankrupt, and the GE Voluson 730 is currently widely considered to be the best machine currently on the market for 3D sonography. (Medison has recovered since then and is now beginning to make their own 3D ultrasound machines, though their technology is not as developed as GE's technology has now become.) This machine has been reliable in producing beautiful and accurate images in 3D. We use the higher end of this line of machines, the GE Voluson 730 Expert. The quality of the images depend on the machine and even more on the ultrasound technician. First Peek Ultrasound strives to provide you with the best of both machine and technician (see below) to make your experience the most valuable and enjoyable for you and your family.

How capable are your ultrasound technicians?

We have three ultrasound technicians on staff who are highly trained and experienced in the use of 3D ultrasound technology. All three of our ultrasound technicians are ARDMS-registered (certified). All three of our ultrasound technicians are licensed and have graduated from accredited schools in sonography, with a special focus in obstetrics. Because our ultrasound technicians are screened and vigorously trained prior to beginning to work here, you know that you are in good hands when you come to First Peek Ultrasound.

How is the quality of the printouts of the images?

We provided 3D pictures of your baby using a photo printer on premium photo-quality paper, the same standard that is used in photography studios. The assorted prints fit nicely into your wallet or purse and can be carried with you everywhere to be shown off to friends and family. The 4x6" pictures are suitable for framing. We also provide thermal images printed directly from the medical printer on our ultrasound machine. These printouts need to have a pinpoint accuracy as this printer is normally used by physicians who need to make a diagnosis on subtle cues seen on ultrasound. What this means to you is that you will have the best images ready for you at the end of your ultrasound session.

Can I bring everyone in my family? How many people can comfortably fit in the ultrasound room?

We have a large spacious room for you when you have your ultrasound. We can comfortably accommodate up to 15 to 20 people.

At First Peek Ultrasound, our facility is large enough so that you will not have to tell anyone in your family that they have to stay home and have to pay to watch your 3D ultrasound session over the internet.

Can I bring small children to my ultrasound appointment?

Yes. We have a children-friendly environment. We have a small play area for children in the ultrasound room with toys and children's books. This area is safe and away from the ultrasound machine. Your children will be sure to enjoy seeing their little brother or sister on the television screen.

How comfortable is your medical table? Should I bring a pillow? I am having some back pain during my pregnancy, so should I be worried?

We do not have a medical table in our 3D ultrasound studio. Our facility is not set up like a hospital and does not look like your typical ob/gyn clinic. We have an adjustable bed with adequate cushioning and pillows, so that you can feel comfortable and be at total ease while you are seeing your baby. We change all the sheets between customers. In the event that you have to turn to one side or another, we have a large flat-screen television on two other walls so that you will not miss a minute of your ultrasound experience.

I hate getting ultrasounds. I really want to see what my baby looks like, but I don't want to have to go through this again. How is this experience going to be different from the ultrasound I get at my doctor's office?

From the moment you arrive at our ultrasound studio, you will know that you are in a comfortable environment in which you can see and bond with your baby. Our waiting room has adequate seating and reading material of popular baby and parenting magazines, and water and fruit snacks are offered while you wait (sorry, no coffee for pregnant women).

When you and your friends and/or family are escorted into the ultrasound room, you will find yourself in a friendly living-room environment, very different from your doctor's clinic room. No sterile smell and sterile white walls here! You will see a friendly layout with a sofa, softly-painted walls, soft lighting ideal to see your baby in 3D, and a small children's area for young ones to play if they get bored, complete with toys, puzzles, and children's books for all ages. You can recline on an adjustable bed to suit your most comfortable position. You can lie down on your back, left side, or right side, during the exam, without missing a moment of your baby's pictures and movements, as there is a large-screen television in every direction you can face if you have to face away from the ultrasound machine. There is also enough room for dad, grandma, grandpa, other grandma, other grandpa, brother, sister, and your best friend, and whatever other family and friend arrangement you may have.

You won't have to worry about the cold ultrasound gel either or having to scrape the gel off with a paper towel. We keep our ultrasound gel warm for you in a gel warmer, and we have deluxe hand towels for you to wipe the gel off. It should go without saying that our linens and bedsheets are changed and washed before each customer's use. You will not have to worry about cleanliness, safety, or convenience in our relaxed Oak Park location.

These intangible benefits are not listed in the packages and do not cost you extra. It is simply a reflection of the care that is put into running an ultrasound studio the right way with our customers in mind. Come see for yourself why many of our customers come back for a second visit and/or recommend us to their friends.

My husband is in the military, and right now he is deployed in Afghanistan. Is there anything special that I can do for him?

First Peek Ultrasound was started by the wife of a service-disabled veteran, Dr. Beezer Moolji, who was inspired by the 3D ultrasounds of his baby that he received while he was deployed in Iraq with the US Army. The owner, Asiya, understood the importance of this connection with the unborn baby that you can get when seeing his or her face and image. Seeing your baby provides hope and makes a huge difference on the battlefield and can improve morale in a major way. This is why we will provide duplicates of the printouts of the images and the CD and DVD that comes with your package if you or the Dad are deployed in Iraq, Afghanistan, Korea, Libya, or elsewhere. This is our way of showing thanks to your sacrifice of being a military wife and soon to be a military mom. For women in the Army who are currently deployed in Iraq or Afghanistan who then become pregnant and are forced to return home, 3D ultrasound pictures make the perfect gift to send back to your unit overseas to show them that there are no hard feelings between you and the rest of the soldiers who are still there. If you are pregnant and about to be deployed, you can get a proof of pregnancy certificate from First Peek Ultrasound with our pregnancy verification package.

We recommend getting the Premium Package for military families, as this session comes with a CD, a DVD of your entire session, and a baby heartbeat teddy bear, which makes the perfect gift to send back to Iraq or Afghanistan.

Is your 3D ultrasound studio accessible to the handicapped?

Yes, our ultrasound clinic is accessible to pregnant women, women with children in strollers, and handicapped customers and their family members. Just come in through our front door. If you need special assistance, please contact us before your scheduled appointment.

Hablo español, pero quiero una ecografía (o ultrasonido) 3D para ver a mi bebé antes de que nazca. ¿Es posible para que me ayude?

No problemo. Hay una técnica ultrasonida y una secretaria que habla español aquí. Escribe español debajo de “Comments” al hacer la cita. Gracias.

Are you hiring?

Yes. We are currently looking for ultrasound technicians and ultrasound technician assistants (UTA's). If you are interested, please e-mail us your resume and a picture of yourself to firstpeek@oakparkultrasound.com. Although the picture is optional, we prefer to get a picture so that we know who we are talking to so we can conduct the interview by Facetime or Skype to speed up the hiring process.

I am a student. Can I shadow an ultrasound technician in your facility?

We currently do not allow students to shadow our ultrasound technicians.

Do you have a medical director?

Yes. First Peek Ultrasound does have a medical director. However, it is expected that all of our customers are receiving prenatal care from their own ob/gyn physician, midwife, or family practice doctor.

Is First Peek Ultrasound a franchise? Who owns this business?

First Peek Ultrasound is a family-owned business. It is not a franchise, and we have resisted all efforts to be owned or bought by national franchises. This is so that we can better provide care that is unique and affordable to our local customers and so that we can improve in response to customer suggestions. Unlike other large businesses and clinics, the owner of First Peek Ultrasound lives locally and so is able to accommodate special requests and will be able to speak to you personally about any concerns or questions you may have.

For more information, see the About Us page. You may contact the owner, Asiya Salejee, via email at firstpeek@oakparkultrasound.com.

Do you have a privacy policy?

First Peek Ultrasound does have a privacy policy which is linked from the bottom of the homepage of our website. Click here to see our privacy policy.

Why do you have a privacy policy?

Since we are the first 3D ultrasound company in the Chicagoland area (and the second in the nation) to have a privacy policy, it is an understandable question to ask. We have a privacy policy so that a common standard of privacy guidelines are set out to our customers. It is our hope that other 3D ultrasound companies in the United States adopt our example and post a privacy policy as well.

Why do you offer free 3D ultrasounds for the free featured city of the week?

We offer free 3D ultrasounds for a featured city each week in order to spread the word about 3D ultrasounds and our 3D ultrasound clinic, First Peek Ultrasound, in places where people may not otherwise have heard about us, such as small towns, cities that are a bit further away from us but still have First Peek as their closest 3D ultrasound studio, and other interesting cities nearby. If you enjoyed your free 3D ultrasound session with us, we depend on our featured customers telling their friends and families about us. This will allow us to continue this fun promotion in the future.

We no longer offer the featured city of the week promotion. However, this promotion may return when you least expect it.

Do other 3D ultrasound centers offer a free 3D ultrasound for the featured city of the week?

The Featured City of the Week is a unique promotion and a trademarked feature of First Peek Ultrasound. We are currently the only 3D ultrasound center in the country and the only business in general, for that matter, that offers this type of promotion.

I live in a poor small town and you picked a rich suburb as the featured city. Isn't that discriminatory?

See FAQ item below.

I live in a rich suburb and you picked a poor small town. Isn't that discriminatory?

See FAQ item above.

We hope to eventually pick every city and small town in the surrounding area. If you would like to have your city or small town featured at First Peek Ultrasound, please email us at firstpeek@oakparkultrasound.com

NOTE: We have featured many cities, from Davenport, IA, to Elizabethtown, KY, and other cities all over Illinois, Wisconsin, and Indiana, including Aurora, Rockford, Peoria, Joliet, Valparaiso... we have featured Oak Park itself as a featured city, and on April 29, 2011, we did a one-time one-day featured city promotion of Chicago, IL! Our current promotion for the featured city of the week has been put on hold, due to the current low availability of appointment times, but we hope to bring it back after our expansion in the near future.

Why do you feature baby names?

We feature baby names on our website as something fun for our First Peek customers. Many of our pregnant customers who come see us to get a 3D ultrasound are also very interested in choosing a name for their baby. Some of our customers have decided on particularly interesting or unique baby names and would love to share them with the rest of us. Our website provides a forum for our unique baby names to be shared. With every featured baby name, other interesting aspects of the names and other unique names are also shared, and sometimes famous people who share these names are also displayed on this page as well. This is simply something fun for our pregnant customers and a way to live up to our goal of being the most fun 3D ultrasound center in the nation. At First Peek Ultrasound, our motto is "You're pregnant. Enjoy it!" and this is yet another way we can join in helping our customers enjoy their pregnancy.

NOTE: Our featured baby names are currently on hold. See our featured baby names in the past here.

How do you pick your featured baby names?

We try to always pick unique baby names that are volunteered by our customers on our Facebook page. These are names they have chosen for their baby, some of whom have already been born and some who are due soon. We send a congratulatory shout-out to these customers and their babies on the upper right-hand side of the featured baby name page. In a few cases, we pick unique baby names that are relevant to our society based on current events.

If you would like to have your unique baby's name featured on our website, please log on to our Facebook page and submit your baby's name there and why the name is unique or interesting. Also, include your baby's birth date or due date. Note: You must be a customer of First Peek Ultrasound to participate and submit your baby's unique baby name to us.

NOTE: Our featured baby names are currently on hold. See our featured baby names in the past here.

How often do you feature a new baby name?

Unlike the Featured City of the Week, which we change every week, the Featured Baby Name is changed every few days or so. The time frame is based on how often we get unique baby names that are suggested to us.

NOTE: Our featured baby names are currently on hold. See our featured baby names in the past here.

Do I get anything free if my baby's name is picked?

Other than the fact that your baby is famous for a few days, unfortunately you do not get anything free if your baby's name is featured.

NOTE: Our featured baby names are currently on hold. See our featured baby names in the past here.

How can I provide a testimonial on your website?

First Peek Ultrasound is a new company that started in September, 2008. If you would like to provide a testimonial, we welcome our customers to write to us. You can email us at firstpeek@oakparkultrasound.com, or you can write a testimonial directly on the comments box on the right-hand side of the screen on our testimonial page.

We also encourage all our customers to join in the conversation on our Facebook page, where you can contribute testimonials, comments, suggestions, and questions, as well as post your 3D ultrasound and baby pictures online.
I have a suggestion? Who can I tell this suggestion to?

Please send your suggestions and comments via email at firstpeek@oakparkultrasound.com. We would love to hear from you. Also, if there is any product or service that you would like to see us offer in the future, please let us know.

I recently got a 3D ultrasound at First Peek Ultrasound, and I loved the experience. How can I show my appreciation?

If you truly enjoyed the experience and wish to show your appreciation, please send us an email to firstpeek@oakparkultrasond.com. Include your name and when you visited us. Also, if your baby is already born, then please send us your newborn baby pictures.

If you had some problem or issue arising out of your 3D ultrasound appointment, please contact us immediately and we will try our best to correct the problem. This will not only benefit you but will also ensure a better experience for other pregnant women who come in after you.

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